Sunday, March 26, 2017

783 Spools: A Finish!

81 x 87
Hand quilted

783 three inch spools.
I made a few spools from scraps in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge color of the month from 2014-2016. 

I even twirled the seams on all these darned things so they would lay flat.  I was glad I did that when I decided to hand quilt. 

I am thinking this is truly a "charm quilt" in that no two spools are the same. But I actually am not sure. I keep thinking I see some fabrics in more than one spool but with making spools over a period of years I can't be absolutely certain a particular 1.5 inch scrap didn't get carried over from one year to the next. 

It's kind of a fun I Spy quilt (for me).  

I like quilts with lots of different fabrics because that's how my paternal grandmother always made her quilts - with lots of different fabrics from old clothes and whatnot.  I used to love to inspect the quilt and look at all the fabrics. Sometimes grandma would tell me stories about who wore the dress or shirt and how it was then sometimes made into something else like an apron before it finally arrived in a quilt. 

Originally I was thinking of quilting this on my DSM but it looked so "vintage" to me that I just felt it needed some hand quilting.  I had always wanted to hand quilt some Baptist Fans so decided this was the quilt that needed it.   I hand quilted with ecru (or was it white?) perle #12 that just happened to be on clearance which also convinced me the time was right to quilt some Baptist Fans.   I am soooooo glad I made that decision. It just adds to the vintage feel I was getting from this quilt.   It also adds LOTs of texture. 

I used a piece of dark brown polka dot fabric for binding. I had just enough for eight 2.5 inch pieces width of fabric which I thought would be enough to finish this off.   I never actually measure out my binding precisely before I sew it on  - I just kind of guesstimate how many pieces I need.   When I get down close to where I started I then cut off how much is extra, sew a joining seam, etc.   Well...I did NOT have enough binding and no more brown polka dot fabric left to add and nothing in the leftover binding fabrics looked like it would work. But there was a white on white piece of leftover binding in there so I added that and decided it would be my quilt label.   I used a sharpie and wrote: "Spools   2017" and my name, city and state.     Since I'm terrible at labeling quilts it worked for me.  In fact I might use that trick more often. 

The backing was a nice sheet from the thrift store. It had kind of a vintage feel too (and even had butterflies). 


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Red Scraps - Potpourri Edition

Red is the color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. But that's about to change soon. 

I used 4.5 inch scraps to make some Flying Geese bodies.  For the other part (wings?) I have been using secondary colors if the color of the month is a primary color and vice versa. 

Last week when I was working with 3.5 inch scraps I made the bottom sets of butterfly wing HSTs and now this week when I was working with 4.5 inch scraps for the Flying Geese I made the top sets of wings and paired the two up in some red butterflies.   I've also (obviously) been using up bits and pieces of white on white (WOW) scraps. 

And, oh those waste triangles! I had lots of red ones in the box. I  have been saving blue on blue (BOB) or blue solid scraps for the "sky" background for these little butterflies - a kaleidoscope of butterflies! 

I have hundreds of these little four inch blocks now so maybe I need to decide just how many is enough.  ( I wonder if I can count that high). 

I also used waste triangles in these Wonky Stars (with 2 inch scrap backgrounds and red center). 

Then I used more waste triangles (I have gads of them - that's what you call a box of waste triangles, right? - a gad) on some Wonky Hearts.  The hearts were 2 x 4.5 red scraps and I used white waste triangles for the background. I have lots of white waste triangles so was experimenting a little with those hearts. I'm thinking I might use them as Wonky Log Cabin centers. 

Then I used a couple of scrap chunks to make my improv circle.  I have been using red and brown as my constants in these along with the RSC color so only made one. 

Then I made 3 large Burgoyne Surrounded blocks with bits and pieces of different red/pinkish scraps.  (I made the one in the upper right previously so just used it to fill in for the photo.)  Now that I see them together I'm thinking I'll skip the sashing and just make more blocks.  I really don't like making sashing/adding sashing strips so why torture myself?  But, then again, when I look at the inspiration quilt  I'm thinking maybe making/adding sashing isn't really that painful. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Owls and the Pussycats - No Beautiful Pea-Green Boats

I amused myself today (because it was too cold to work outside) with making 10 inch Sawtooth Stars out of owls and pussycats. 

I seem to have lots of bits and pieces of owl and pussycat scraps so decided they could live together in a few quilts instead of sailing away in a pea-green boat. 

  This is version 1 of the Owls and the Pussycats. 

This version is made from the larger scraps.  Other versions will be made from the other sized scraps. I'm curious as to how many versions of the Owl and the Pussycat quilt there will be.

Stay tuned...
These are all of the blocks I made before I got bored and moved on to something else. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Owls in the Barn Door

Owls in the Barn Door
48 x 60
It's just a top right now.

I thought it would be clever to shoot the Owls in the Barn Door next to an actual barn door but didn't notice the hunk of crap that blew into the raspberry brambles in front of the barn door.  So, I am not as clever or artsy- fartsy as I thought I was.  

Anyway...after completed this will go to Camp Hobe, one of this year's Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge Charities.   Camp Hobe is a summer camp for kids undergoing cancer treatment and their siblings. 

12 inch Hole in the Barn Door Quilt blocks with owls in the barn door. 

Now to go piece some batting and find a backing...

Monday, March 20, 2017

Down and Dirty on the Farm

Down and Dirty on the Farm

From the looks of things I haven't worked on this UFO since December 2014 when I started it and made 8 blocks and rehearsed centers.     At that time I called it Garden Party but the fabrics I have been throwing in the box seem to depict more than just gardening so now I think I'll all it Down and Dirty on the Farm.  I was thinking of calling it Farmer in the Dell but I don't have any nurse or cheese fabrics.   

But I digress...I made about 20 or so more blocks yesterday; four of which make up a bigger block.  I still have a lot more blocks to make. I think I need 68 for the quilt in the book (Adding Layers by Kathy Doughty - quilt named House Party)  but mine will probably be larger.  And I'm still rehearsing centers for those bigger blocks.   I had some big veggie fabric in the project box I might use for some centers. 

And I also have some large floral fabrics that might be nice for some centers. 

I have fun working with colorful and fun novelties especially when it's dreary outside.  Normally I get bored with a block after I cut and make a couple. But these are fun.  And I figured out an easier way to cut pieces for the blocks (not cutting 4 1/8 piece in quarters for side pieces but using EZ angle ruler  to cut from 2.5 inch pieces the same as the rest of the block) so that process has sped up a little. 

 So the block making went on and on...

...and on and on...

 ...and on.     I'm ready to sew more blocks but am tired of them for now. On to the next project/UFO. I'll get back to this one later...hopefully before two years have passed. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

ABC, 123, Rainbow I Spy #1 of 5

I Spy #1 of 5
40 x 60

Ready to give as a shower gift next Saturday
(I just need to go buy a couple of books to include with the quilt. Books and a quilt...sometimes a stuffed animal or rattle are my usual baby gifts. )

I spy the color green, I spy something you can eat, I spy a bird, I spy the letter P...

I usually also include a couple of blocks with numbers at the beginning and end so you can find numbers.   The letters of the alphabet are iron on.  I iron them on after the quilting is done.  

I quilted it with spirals on my old plain Jane Janome since Brother Bob is not working very well these days.  I pieced together some batting and used some flannel monkeys on the back. I pre-washed the flannel since I knew it would shrink and darn it if it didn't shrink enough so that I was about one inch short in width so had to piece the backing.   Luckily I bought enough for several quilts.  

I had just enough of an  orange solid that matched the orange monkeys on the back so used it for the binding. 


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Red 3.5 Scrap Edition

Red is the color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This week I decided to work with my 3.5 inch scraps.   I did have quite a few red scraps; however, I've also been trying to move forward my old Florabunda UFO, a Bonnie Hunter quilt along from 2011, I think!  

These are actually 9 inch Jacob's Ladder blocks in floral fabrics on a yellow background inspired by a 1940s quilt. 

So the first thing I did was pick out a few red floral fabrics I haven't already used in my Florabunda blocks and make more blocks. 

And then I was left with some 3.5 inch red scraps to add to the pile so I can use the scraps up right away in my other scrap only blocks and not let those scraps linger!  (The 2 inch scraps are used later in some other blocks). 

Then I made some Glitter blocks (cut from 3.5 inch scraps some of which you may recognize from the Florabunda blocks I just made). The instructions for these blocks can be found in the book Quilt Lovely by Jen Kingwell. 

Then if there was enough of a scrap left for six inch Bow Tie blocks I made some of those.  And I remembered this time to use 2 inch pieces for the flippy corners instead of 1.5 pieces like I did on last month's Bow Ties.  I put a note in the project bag with them so I won't forget . 

The reason I get confused by the flippy corner pieces is because I always remember to use 1.5 flippy corners on my 3 inch snowballs because they might get combined with 3 inch Nine Patches which are made from 1.5 inch pieces.    I cut scraps for Bow Ties and then for Snowballs (if there's enough) at the same time and it seems in my mind they should use the same size flippy corners. But they don't (although I have seen instructions for six inch bow ties that use 1.5 inch pieces and others that use 2 inches. I guess I'll be using both.)

But I never forget about ScrapHappy Saturday